Traces of Travel

Starting in 2004, I've traveled through about 35 countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Australia, and the western Pacific. Places that have caught my attention, for better or for worse, are written up in this section, not as memoirs, but as travelogues to help give guidance to those interested in visiting these places.

Korean Diary

I've lived in a few different cultures, starting in 2004 with South Korea. I had an online diary of my time there, called Vicarious Vistas, which this site is an attempt to recreate. I'll get the diaries up eventually, and you can read them here.

Namibian Diary

After Korea, I lived in Namibia (southern Africa), teaching at a rural secondary school for two years. Again, I kept a diary and put it up at the old Vicarious Vistas website. As I can, I'll add the old diaries here, too.